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How to Create MacOS High Sierra Bootable USB Installer on Windows 10

how to create macOS High Sierra bootable USB installer on Windows 10. If you want to install macOS High Sierra on PC Hackintosh or Macintosh then you need a bootable USB Installer of macOS High Sierra. To create macOS High Sierra bootable USB Installer you need to have a Macbook or iMac but don’t worry because we have covered you. Now you can easily create a bootable USB installer for macOS High Sierra on Windows 10, 8 or 7 using the dmg that we have provided.

Create macOS High Sierra Bootable USB Installer on Windows 10

Firstly, you need to download macOS High Sierra DMG file from the link below. Also, with the DMG your should the download the TransMac software from the link down below and for the flash drive, you need 8 GB or higher. It’s better to use a USB 3.0 while creating the USB Installer but If you want to use it for a Hackintosh then make sure to connect your USB 3.0 to a USB 2.0 port.

Note: This method works on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Step #1. Download the following DMG and software.

Step #2. Install TransMac just by open it’s setup.exe and clicking next couple of times.

Step #3. Right-click on TransMac icon and select Run as Administrator.

Step #4. Right-click on your the USB then select Format Disk for Mac.

Step #5. Make sure to backup all the data before going ahead because it will wipe all the data then name the USB Installer anything you like, finally, click OK.

Step #6. Again right-click on the USB and select Restore with Disk Image.

Step #7. Click on 3 dots to browse and select macOS DMG.

Step #8. Select macOS High Sierra DMG that you download from the link above and click Open.

Step #9. Wait for a couple of minutes for TransMac to write the DMG to USB, the times depend on your device.

Step #10. Finally, after the restore process finished the USB Installer is ready to use and you can use it to install macOS High Sierra on any Mac computers or Hackintosh.

USB Installer is ready

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