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How To Create Multi Bootable Usb Pen Drive

This article is based on How to create multi bootable USB pen drive. in this process you can put multi type of operating in a pen drive because it is difficult to carry multiple of CD/DVD. People usually carry separate USB drives for different Operating systems, like one for Windows XP and another for Windows 7 or any other tool, but you can carry many operating systems in single USB drive,

you can put multiple bootable ISOs on a single USB Drive. It means, you can install Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 or Ubuntu or Red Hat or any other Operating Systems using single USB drive. And even you can put more Bootable ISOs on your USB pen drive.

With the help of WinSetupFromUSB or YUMI, you can put many bootable ISO like Linux, Live OS, and Windows in same Bootable disk or make a master installation disk of Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 10, Ubuntu, Cent OS. it is Depend up on you how many os you want to put in a pen drive.

Required Item to How to create multi bootable USB pen drive

  • Minimum 16 GB USB Pen Drive
  • Windows OS ISO File
  • Linux OS ISO
  • WinSetupFromUSB Application (Download from Here)

Now you can create multi bootable USB Pen drive with the help of these important things and file, Download WinSetupFromUSB from given link, WinSetupFromUSB is a  install free application so no need to install simply extract to a folder, then run this application. Open 32-Bit and 64-Bit Version according to your Operating system

insert your pen drive in system and make sure it has listed in software, please remove another pen drive which will not for this job or select correct pen drive from drop down menu.

check mark on Auto format it with FBinst. under Auto format it with FBinst mark NTFS.  Remember you have to choose this option only during the first ISO installation.

Choose FAT32 if your computer is set to boot using UEFI mode or if UEFI sounds strange to your ears. Else, go with the NTFS option.

In the Add to USB disk, you can add any bootable ISOs  but if you want to add Windows XP than mount XP’s ISO and select i386 folder to add Windows XP

  • Click on Advanced options.
  • Check the Custom menu names for 2000/XP/2003 Setup checkbox under 2000/XP/2003 Setup
  • Check the Custom menu names for Vista/7/8/Server Source checkbox under Custom menu names for Vista/7/8/Server 8/2012/PE
  • Click the Cross (X) button to exit Advanced Options.

Click on GO. A data deletion warning message will be displayed. This is because you’ve chosen to format the flash drive. Click on Yes Button 

Note: Do remember to check the flash drive name before clicking Yes. Else, you’ll end up formatting some other connected storage media.


Warring pop-up box will open this warning message will show that all data and partitions on disk will be erased


This pop-up will auto close within 30 second so type a desire folder which you want and click on ok.


you can put here Bootable disk name to understand easily when install a OS in a system


The process will take few minutes to finish. than Job Done box will open Click on job done

How To Create Bootable USB Without Any Software (Using Command Prompt)

Watch this Video

Add the second ISO file in the Multiboot USB Disk

  1. Start the tool again.
  2. Select your flash drive in the drop down menu.
  3. Click Advanced Options and look for Custom menu names for Vista/7/8/10/Server Source.
  4. Don’t Click Auto format with FBinst. Because it will remove your previous ISO file.
  5. Add the ISO file.
  6. Click GO and follow the same process.

Follow the same process to add more ISO files.

So, this was the method How to create multi bootable usb pen drive which allows you to choose between multiple operating systems at a time. Use the method to put a 32-bit and 64-bit version of the same OS in one bootable media.

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