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How to disable USB ports or enable USB Ports in Windows 10/8/7/XP

This article will help to learn how to disable USB port or enable USB port in windows. Everyone wants to save their data from an unauthorized access, some time your family member wants to use your computer for sending a mail or using for some other work but they did not know that his pen drive has infected by a virus which is very dangerous for your computer.

If you had already disable USB port on your computer, disabled USB port can help keep your file safe from virus and stolen. You can use multiple methods to disable USB port or enable USB port to protect your computer.

How to disable USB Port or enable USB Port using Software

USB port Enabling/Disabling software is one of the best options to disable USB port, this software is able to disable your computer USB port from reading any USB drive. Some USB port blocking software also come with the option to add a password to change the USB port block settings, and other provide the opportunity of keeping the USB port as read-only. You can find Top best software to disable USB ports in market. Gilisoft USB Lock is one of the best software to block USB port.

You can Download Gilisoft USB Lock software from its official website. After downloading run the software and set the administrator password for the account of Gilisoft USB Lock.

Disable usb using software

Follow the software instruction to complete installation.

Note: Keep your password safe place and make sure to remember your password, your email id should be correct find back password, because you cannot run this software without password.

After software installation a desktop shortcut will be created on your desktop, run this software

How to disable USB Port-2

Put your software to unlock this software or enter to main software features. After unlocking software, you will show following page.

How to disable USB Port-3

You will show current status on this page, if you want to disable USB port click on disable Reading USB Disk and Disable Writing to USB disk. Many features are available in this software you can use those features as per your uses

How to disable USB Port or enable USB Port using Device Manager in Windows

In this method, you can disable USB Port or enable USB Port using Device manager. With the help of Device manger, you can install or uninstall attached device driver or you can disable or enable any device. you can use multiple way to open Device Manager.

  • Press Win+R to Open Run type “devmgmt.msc”, and hit enter button to open Device Manager
  • Right-click on Start menu, click Device Manager in the menu that appears.
  • Right-Click on Computer shortcut icon in windows 7 or Right -click on This pc in later windows and click on Manage.
  • Type device manager into Start menu search, then click Device Manager at the top of the Start results.)
How to disable USB Port-4
How to disable USB Port-5

A new window will be appeared on your screen.

How to disable USB ports or enable USB Ports

Click on Device Manager to disable USB Port or enable USB port. You will be show following window.

How to disable USB ports or enable USB Ports-1

Expend Universal Serial Bus Controllers heading. Click on arrow icon to expend or double click on heading. There are several options in universal serial bus controllers.

How to disable USB ports or enable USB Ports-3

Right click on Generic USB Hub

How to disable USB ports or enable USB Ports-4

Disable Device for disable USB Port. Do it this action for USB Root Hub, USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)

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