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How To Fix The Disk Is Write Protected From SD Card/Pen Drive/Hard Drive

Hello reader,s today we are try to resolving The disk is write protected problem in Micro SD Card,s\USB Pen Drive,s\Hard Drives,s and others Storage devices some times. ago i am reading the comments i notice most of the people facing the sdcard or pen drive write protected problem,s now today i writing some files to my sdcard then we see the error massage the disk is write protected we try the many type,s of method.s and i fix my sdcard write protected problem then i thought reader,s need this blog we are showing multiple solution of the disk is write protected problem.

Method 1 Check the physical button on your storage devices

if your storage devices like sdcard,pen drive or hard drive is a any of on\off button the denoted by lock like the below sdcard image then you off the button.

Method 2 Remove write protection from SD Card/Pen Drive/Hard Drive using windows command prompt

Step 1 :- Search in the windows start menu cmd and right click on command prompt then Run as administrator

Step 2 :- Type in command prompt diskpart and hit enter again type list disk and hit enter

Step 3:- Now you displayed the connected storage devices find your storage device bases on size  that protected with write protection

after that type a command select disk (?) and your targeted  Storage device number in my case my storage device number 1 and hit enter

(Example :- select disk 1 )

Step 4:- Type next command attributes disk clear readonly and hit enter  this command is remove the write protection permission,s on your storage device,s now check your storage devices move any data into your storage device if data moved without any the disk is write protected error it mean your storage device is successfully removed the disk is write protected permission if the problem not well yet then follow the Step 5

Backup your important data on your write protected storage device before doing step 5 this step fully erase your selected disk .

Step 5 :-Type clean command and hit enter this command erase all data on selected disk

Step 6 : -Now close the command Prompt and Press Windows key and  R at sametime or search in the windows start menu run and click on run then type a command in run box diskmgmt.msc and hit enter

Step 7 :- Right click on unallocated disk and click on new simple volume and click on next button

Step 8 :- (Optional) adjust disk size if you need or skip and click on next

Step 9 :- (Optional) if you want change the drive letter then you change here or skip and click next

Step 10 :-

  • (Optional) if need another file system,s  like FAT32/NTFS/exFAT  then choose one
  • (Optional) if you want to change  the storage deviecs display name  then you click on volume lablel and rename its and click on next and click on finish on next windows

Step 11 :- Now right click on newly create partition and click on open and check your the disk is write protected problem resolve or not

if problem is not resolved then try next method.s

Method 3 Remove the disk is write protected problem using the windows registry editor

Step :- 1 Press Windows and R key at same time and type regedit.exe in run box and hit enter button

First you backup your current windows registry in this time my this blog help for you
How To Backup Restore and Registry

Step 2 :-  Go to this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies and click on StorageDevicePolicies then right click on right side WriteProtect and click on modify option

if you don,t find the StorageDevicePolicies folder in windows registry then you follow the step 4

Step 3 :- change the value 1 to 0 and click ok and close this windows and restart your computer

Step 4 :- if you don,t find the StorageDevicePolicies folder in windows registry then you follow this step

go to this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control and right click on Control >New>Key

rename the key name to StorageDevicePolicies 

Step 4 :- Right click on newly created StorageDevicePolicies key and click on new then click on DWORD (32-bit) value

Step 5 :-rename  DWORD (32-bit) value key name to WriteProtect and right click on key an click on modify change the value data 1 to 0 and restart your computer.

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