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How to Share Mobile Internet to PC or Laptop

Hello guys we are teach you in this blog how to share your android phone internet to your computer or laptop
We show you 2 method of mobile internet shareing Hostport and USB Tethering.

1 :- Method mobile Internet Shareing using Hostport

Step 1 :- Open setting in your android device and find hostport setting then open hostport setting

Step 2:- Setup wifi hostport setting for your convenience

1. (optional step) change wifi hostport network name

click on setup wifi hostport option and click on network name then rename the network name anything you wish in this case my wifi hostport name is a sastechvision.

2.Wifi hostport security configuration

in the security dropdown menu you show the multiple option like None,WPA2-PSk,WPA2,WEP,WPA,etc

if you select the None option then your wifi hostport is no security is apply mean is anyone person access the your hostport without password

if you select the other option like WPA2-PSk,WPA2,WEP,WPA,etc need anyone person the password to connect the hostport

Sastechvision recommended use WPA2-PSK, WPA2 or WPA3 security protocol,s

3. Setup security password

if you select the None Security option then you skip this step

if you select the anytime of security protocol then you create the wifi hostport password enter the your new password in the password box

3. choose wireless band,s 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz

What is a 5 and 2.4 GHz wireless band,s

5 GHz Wireless band 

Advantage of 5 GHz band

1.  is high speed communication band

2. is good for local network communication

Disadvantages of 5 GHz

1.  is short range wireless communication band

2. some older devices is not supported the 5 GHz  wireless band

2.4 GHz Wireless band

Advantage of 2.4 GHz Band

1. is a long range wireless communication band

2. all Wifi device,s is support the 2.4 wireless band

Disadvantages of 2.4 GHz wireless band

1. is a average communication speed

SASTechvision Recommended to use the 2.4 GHz Band for better devices compatibility and good expression.

Now click on Save button and Turn on the Hostport now your hostport ready to use.

Setup 3 :-  Go to the your computer or laptop and click on wifi icon and select the your hostport network and click on connect then enter the hostport password and click on connect now ready to use.

Don’t forget turn on mobile data 

2 Method :- Share mobile internet using USB Tethering

Setup 1 :- Connect your mobile phone to via USB Cable to Computer or Laptop and go to the mobile setting and find the usb tethering turn on usb tethering don,t forget turn on your mobile data.

if you showed the lan icon it,s mean your mobile is connected and ready to use.

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