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How to Fix Operation Could not be completed error (0x00000709)

Error 0x00000709 is One of the most common issue with a printer configuration. it refuses to get set up or configured on your computer. This occurs if there is already a default printer set and configured or Windows does not want to configure the new printer at all. When it has configuration issues, one of the common errors that it throws is error 0x00000709. 

Click the Start (Windows icon) on keyboard or computer screen  left buttom , then type in the search box regedit and press Enter.

Click on yes option

Registry appeared on your screen

IMPORTANT:Before you continue, first take a backup of your registry. To do that:

From the main menu, go to File & select Export

Specify a destination location (e.g. your Desktop), give a filename to the export registry file select at Export range: All and press Save.

After you backed up your registry, navigate (from the left pane) to this key:

Follow the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Windows.

Double-click Device. Type in your printer name. (The screen shot here is an example only.)

Click OK to save the change.

Note: If you show this sort of error “Cannot edit Device: Error writing the value’s new content

Please follow the steps below to set the permission of the key.

Right-click the Windows key on the left side of the panel and then click Permissions….

Click on add button

Type in the box Everyone  then click check name button

and click apply and ok

Select Everyone in group and username then tick on full control allow and click apply and ok


Right-click UserSelectDefault and click Rename to rename it as your printer name.

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How to install printer driver step by step 

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