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Printer icon not showing in Devices and Printers in Windows 10

we always facing like this types of problem that we installed printer driver and printer driver has installed successfully. Printer showing in document printing option but not showing in Device and Printers. If you are not find the Printer icon not showing in Devices and Printers in Windows 10,  then you may have to tweak the Windows Registry. You will have to follow the same


Printer icon not showing

Step 1 :-

Press Windows Key and R Key same time

Step 2 :-

Type in Run’s dialog box Regedit and hit enter

This Command will open the Registry Editor Windows. in the registry editor we will change for setting.

Step 3 :-

Now navigate to the following path


Copy Path and Paste into the registry editor path (Show in following image marked section)


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Step 4 :-

Find the NameSpace -> Right click on NameSpace -> New -> Key. (Create new Key)

When we will create a key which is create a folder in NameSpace name as New Key #1 but you can rename after creation.

Step 5 :-

Find created folder and click on the folder

in my case folder name is New key #1

Step 6 :-

you will see in right panel a default file Double click on default option

Step 7 :-

copy the following value and paste it in value Data (Add value) click ok


Step 8 :- Exit Regedit and restart your computer and see if it has helped.

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