Mozilla Firefox Browser & Java Version for EPFO Unified Portal

Mozilla Firefox Browser & Java Version for EPFO Unified Portal

In this article, we will explain which Mozilla Firefox Browser & Java Version is required for EPFO Unified Portal while using digital signatures on the EPFO website. Those who face any problem while using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) on site, can follow the below-mentioned instructions/settings to verify details of EPFO members like KYC details/ online reporting/ online name change. requests, etc. Mozilla Firefox can be the browser where one can easily use DSC without any errors.

You will show the following message if you are using Google Chrome because Google chrome has no longer supports java. You may choose to either use Esign for digital signing or any browser version with java support for DSC.

Google Chrome and might be unable to use the Java plugin from this browser. Starting with Version 42 (released April 2015), Chrome has disabled the standard way in which browsers support plugins “

Mozilla Firefox for EPFO Unified Portal

Firefox does not provide NPAPI support (technology required for Java applets) As of September 2018. So, we have to download and install an older version of Firefox that supports the java plugin.

So, you can use Mozilla Firefox’s older version. The version Should Be below Update Mozilla Firefox 48.0.1 or Update Mozilla Firefox 38.0.1, You can download it from Here.

Download Mozilla Firefox (32bit) 38.0.1

Step to Preventing automatic Update of Mozilla Firefox

After installation open Mozilla Firefox Then Click on Open Menu, Three Lines below to Browser close Button then Click on Options

A window will open. Click on the Advanced option and go to the Update option. Finally select Never check for updates (not recommended: security) and click OK.

Read this post for New Setting of EPFO:- EPFO Latest New DSC Signer Utility Setting for Approval of KYC

Java version for EPFO Unified Portal

If you are looking for the required Java version for EPFO Unified Portal, the answer is that any latest Java we can use but you should have to remember that if you are using Mozilla Firefox 64-bit version then Java should be 64 bit and it should be applicable for 32 Bit version, so download the latest version of 32-bit java form official oracle site.

As per my Setting, I Recommend to you use only Java Runtime Environment 8 Update 171. Download the best java version for epfo digital signature and install it with the best Mozilla Firefox version for epfo digital signature, it will definitely work for DSC in EPFO Unified Portal.

You can download Java 8 Update 171 Version for EPFO from here which java version is required for epfo digital signature windows 10/11 :

Download Java 8 Update 171

Check Java Plugin in Mozilla Firefox

you should ensure that your java plugin is showing in the Mozilla Firefox plugin section. you can use this step to ensure. Click on Open Menu, Three Lines below to Browser close Button then Click on Add-ons.

Click on Plugins and ensure Java Deployment Toolkit and Java (TM) Platform SE are showing in the browser.

If You still getting any type of java error just close your Firefox browser and window start menu then search for “java configure” then move to the security tab and click on add site and add this link “” and click on OK. And try again.

Video Overview:-

Those who are facing problems while using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) at EPFO Portal ( may follow this video instructions/settings for verification of epfo member’s details like KYC details/Online claims/Online name change requests etc.

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