How to Check EPF Balance Online/Offline – Check EPF Passbook

How to Check EPF Balance Online/Offline – Check EPF Passbook

An online EPF member passbook will be made available to every employee who belongs to EPFO. The total amount deposited into the employee’s PF account is shown in this passbook, along with information on both parties’ monthly contributions. Today, you have both options to check your EPF balance online or offline.

Employee Provident Fund, or EPF, is crucial to an employee’s financial well-being. It is a retirement savings account that is bolstered by equal monthly contributions from the employee and their employer. A digital EPF member passbook will be made available to every employee who is an EPFO member. The employee’s PF account’s total deposit amount is shown in this passbook, along with information about both parties’ monthly contributions.

A tool for saving is the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF). To save that can be used for retirement or when changing jobs, both the employee and the employer make an equal contribution. For the period of 2022-2023, the interest rate that applies to EPF contributions is 8.1% (percent).

Ways to Check Your EPF Balance

Checking the balance of an EPF has gotten simpler for employees of corporations. The annual EPF statement shared by the employer is no longer required for the employees to check their EPF balance. They have both online and offline options for checking their EPF balance. You can now check your EPF balance via SMS Service, Missed calls, EPFO ​​app / Umang app, and EPFO ​​portal. Allowing employees to access the EPF balance makes access easier.

Check your EPF Balance (Online)

Check your EPF Balance (Offline)

How to PF Balance With UAN number using EPFO Portal?

Make sure your employer has activated your Universal Account Number (UAN) before checking your EPF balance. All employees enrolled in the EPF program are given a UAN or unique identification number. Throughout their careers, regardless of the companies they work for, all employees should only have one UAN. UAN is crucial because the entire EPF services process is now conducted online. Your PF account services, such as withdrawal, checking your EPF balance, and applying for an EPF loan, are now accessible thanks to UAN.

Employees who are EPFO members can now check their EPF balance on the EPFO website. With their UAN number, the employee can access the EPFO web portal and check their PF balance. The following are the steps to use the EPFO Web Portal to check your PF balance using your UAN number.

Use the EPFO Web Portal to check your PF balance

Check PF Balance Using the Mobile Application UMANG

The Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance (UMANG) app can be downloaded by employees to check the status of their EPF accounts on their smartphones. The Indian government wants to consolidate all of its services under this app. The app lets you file and follow claims in addition to checking EPF balances. To access the app, users must first register once with a cellphone number that has been registered with their UAN.

The EPFO member must register their mobile number, which is connected to their UAN, in order to access the app and view their EPF balance on their phone. By following the easy instructions listed below, you can check your EPF balance in the UMANG app.

PF Balance Check by SMS Service

Sending an SMS to 7738299899 will allow employees to check their PF balance and the most recent contribution if they have activated their UAN. The SMS should be sent in the EPFOHO UAN ENG format. The last three letters make up the employee’s preferred language in which to receive information.

For example, if English is the preferred language and the EPF balance UAN number is 123456, the SMS to send would be “EPFOHO 123456 ENG.”. The language code in this case is formed by the first three letters of the language. The abbreviations are ENG for English, HIN for Hindi, etc.

Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, English, and Hindi are the currently supported languages for the language facility. The format of the SMS must be EPFOHO UAN KAN if the employee requests the PF information in Kannada.

Note: Only UANs that are linked to a bank account, an Aadhar card, and a PAN number are eligible for the SMS service. Before sending the SMS to check the EPF balance, the person must first complete the KYC process if the UAN is not linked.

Check EPF Balance Through a Missed Call without UAN Number

EPF members can also check their balance by making a missed call from their registered mobile number to 9966044425. You will receive an SMS with your PF details after placing a missed call. To use this service, the employee’s UAN must be linked to their PAN, Aadhaar, and bank account number. The employee may ask the employer to link the aforementioned information to the UAN if it isn’t already.

How to Check PF Balance Without a Registered Mobile Number?

Employees who make EPF contributions can quickly and easily check their PF balance online. Due to a change in their registered mobile numbers, some employees might need assistance checking their balance. Here’s how to check your PF balance if you don’t have a registered mobile number.

If there are any issues with checking the balance online, you can also do so by sending an SMS to 7738299899. Send a message to the specified number with the subject “EPFOHO UAN ENG” typed in.

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